Ballroom and Latin Couples - International & Social

Picture of Ballroom Dancers

Bronze Level

While at the Bronze level we will help you acquire footwork, rhythm and get you moving around the dance floor quickly. You will learn from a variety of dances of your choice and learn technique and styling. You will begin to recognize the music and characteristics of each dance. As well as learning more variations to each dance you will develop your timing and techniques. The styling will make you look and feel comfortable on the dance floor and strengthen your lead or following regardless of your partner, the music being played or the type of dance floor.

Silver Level

Silver is the dance standard with a high degree of styling. More elaborate movements ensure you as a dancer. Continuity which is the flow of movements makes a couple glide across the dance floor with many directional changes. Styling, technique, balance and control take on an entirely new meaning. This is the beginning of the more advanced level used on the Ballroom floor.

Gold Level

This is used more for demonstrative dancing. Choreography, styling, and technique are at its highest point. This material is not for a crowded floor. There is a lot of work involved in this program, but you will truly be regarded as a good dancer.

Note: Please refer to our Dancing Step List for more information about the dances.


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