Kids Hip–Hop

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Hip Hop for Kids Pop! And Lock! 7 – 13 years

This is a fun filled class with great music, so be ready to "Shake your Money maker".
As well as learning the fundamentals of Hip Hop they will be working on developing proper body movement to music and develop rhythm, co-ordination, and motor skills. Slide Hop and Twist Hop, Pumping and Tapping. Knee Taps, Top Rocks, Zig Zag, Charlie Rocks, Charleston and floor work is combined to a final choreographed routine.


Marie's goal is to teach children dance basics, music and rhythm early on so that they may enjoy and seek out dancing for the rest of their lives. Marie's Program is an ongoing program that allows students to earn certificates recognizing achievement in dance through a Medal System modeled after a proven teaching method. The Medal System of Bronze, Silver and Gold, helps students set and achieve goals, which gives students a sense of accomplishment and confidence as they achieve each level. This is similar to earning different color belts in Karate.

About Marie Zimmer

Marie Zimmer was born in Minto, New Brunswick, Canada and started dancing when she was six. After moving to Hamilton, Ontario, she teamed up with one of the Best Toronto Based Dance Schools "Roland and Romaine School of Dance" danced Jazz, Ballet and Modeling and she joined the "Pig & Whistle Dancers" who performed on TV Network. She performed for local Theatres and did Fashion Shows. In 1976 she began teaching and training at Fred Astaire Studios and took 4 students to the Canadian Amateur Competitions and all 4 students won first place.

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